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Petition to Implement a Surcharge on Cigarettes for Public Health funds

Tobacco use is the leading cause of deaths in Pakistan. According to World Health Organization, tobacco use kills an estimated 170,000 people every year. Tobacco and sugary drinks only add to the economic burden of the country. Tobacco caused a loss of PKR 143.2 billion to the economy due to health care costs and lost productivity, according to British Medical Journal. Furthermore, WHO has also warned that smokers are more likely to suffer severe symptoms of Covid19.

Our Goal

Our goal is to urge the government to introduce reforms that would protect our children from deadly cigarettes.


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It is time for us to step up and raise awareness about harms of tobacco in order to ensure a healthier future for our children.

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Sign the petition and help Pakistan's name be added to the top 5 countries with 85% GHWs.


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